Alarm Relay Second To None

alarm relayThere is nothing more valuable than the safety and security of your home and family. There are many home monitoring systems to choose from, but how can you be sure they will provide you with the security that your home and family needs. You need a company that provides you with personal service along with the latest technologies available. Luckily there is a monitoring system with all this and more available to you by just making one phone call.

Home alarm monitoring is done expertly by Alarm Relay. The company has advanced monitoring for your home that goes far beyond the norm. They are available 24/7 monitoring your installed system for any signs of fire or home invasion. If this activity is detected you will be notified immediately. All this is yours for a very reasonable monthly fee.

For 10 years Alarm Relay has been a UL Central Station and has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau receiving an “A” rating. Their alarm technicians and dispatchers are extremely knowledgeable and provide the critical support needed to keep you and your family safe and secure. This exceptional service is provided to you for a monthly fee of only $8.95 (not including a one-time $35 administration fee for set up). This comes to about $.75 a day, a minimal cost to ensure your family’s safety. You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

The company provides other services such as email notification, along with the automatic phone call you receive. With this service you will receive an alarm activity report via email. This service gives you a detailed report of what type of alarm was received, when it was received and how the situation was handled and resolved. They also have monitored opening and closing. In choosing this service you provide Alarm Relay with a daily schedule, your routine if you will, during your programming process. If your system goes off outside of the routine schedule you have provided Alarm Relay you will get a call or an email alerting you of this. If there is a problem during this alert the authorities will be notified immediately. Alarm Relay’s powerful Central Station is able to communicate with all monitored alarm panels via landline or cellphone. Alarm signals can also be sent over the Internet.

As you can see from all the services available through Alarm Relay they provide home alarm monitoring that is second to none. Contact them today to get the peace of mind your family deserves at an extremely affordable price.

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