Long-Lasting Mosquito Prevention for Home and Business

mosquito preventionMosquitoes are a hassle for anyone and not everyone can afford the most expensive and top-of-the-line name brand prevention’s. Additionally, most people don’t have the time to spray their home or business every month. There are several ways to easily and quickly implement mosquito prevention around a home or business that can be cost effective and last for months.

Evaluate Your Needs:
Are you someone who can’t spare extra time or money to keep mosquitoes away? Are you in a geographic area that breeds mosquitoes easily, such as in swampland or humid areas? It is reasonable for you to use the cheaper and easier methods of mosquito deterrent alone, or does your situation require some extra planning and measures? If you want to implement mosquito prevention, consider some of the following methods as a solution or a starting point:

Keep Certain Plants Around:
Consider planting Citronella (Pelargonium Graveolens Citrosa) in a few flower pots and place them around areas that experience the most foot traffic. This plant is tolerant to hot weather and does not require much maintenance; however, make sure that you move it indoors during any cold weather. Along with the mosquito repelling characteristic of the Citronella plant, it smells very pleasant. A great addition to the Citronella plants would be to plant garlic around the outer areas of your yard or business. Garlic is not as effective as Citronella, but it will add an extra layer of mosquito deterrent. Another great plant that does not require much maintenance is lemon grass. Lemon grass is similar to Citronella because it does not require much maintenance and smells great while deterring mosquitoes.

Revise Your Lighting:
Consider using yellow lighting if you can stand the color yellow. Yellow lights are invisible to mosquitoes and therefore will not attract them. There are some LED lights that can be purchased that are also invisible to mosquitoes. Not all LED lights are effective for keeping mosquitoes away, so be sure to check the specifications before buying. LED lights are a great solution though since they last for a long time and use very little energy.

Quick Solutions:
If you are going to have guests or suddenly need a solution for mosquitoes, try using a box fan. By creating a stream of air, mosquitoes are less likely to come near you and will often fly away to a calmer area. You may also try to start a small fire in a fire pit, or light candles that have mosquito repellent in them.

Ridding your home or business of mosquitoes doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. Used correctly, these simple solutions can provide lasting results and create a permanent mosquito barrier around your home or business.

Home Improvement – Outdoor Path Lighting

pathlightingOne of the home improvements that is cost effective for increasing the value of your home while providing many other benefits is outdoor path lighting. When professionally installed, these lights provides multiple benefits to the homeowner. Here are just a few reasons that you should consider the path lighting for your next home improvement project.

The most obvious reason this unique home improvement is becoming so popular is because it instantly improves the overall curb appeal of your property. The lighting brings attention to sections of the path leading up to your front door and help to make your landscaping stand out. The lighting can also be directed at sections of the landscaping to give enough lighting to see the path but still bring out all the beauty of the surrounding plants and flowers.

One reason that outdoor path lighting can improve the safety of your family is because it is now much easier to see where you are walking as you leave your car and approach your front door. No longer will visitors to your home have to rely on that dim porch light to guide them from the driveway to your door. The lighting helps to make it much safer to walk on your property.

The lighting also helps to bring more attention to those dark areas around the property. This important feature will deter anyone lurking on your property after dark. The lighting helps to bring light to those dark shadows, making it more difficult for anyone who is looking to cause problems gain access to windows around the house. If anyone is considering breaking into your home, they will think twice and move on to a much easier target.

You instantly increase the value of your home with the path lighting. In the event you were considering selling your home in the near future, the lighting helps to make your landscape look much more professional. Choosing lighting fixtures that are appealing even when the lights are off bring attention to your property even during the daylight hours. Many new lighting fixtures blend in perfecting with your landscaping, highlighting those key areas you want to being attention to.

One thing to consider when deciding on your path lighting is to hire a professional who has experience installing these types of lights. They will be running each night for many hours, so it is important that the company you choose has an understanding of the components of the system and how to ensure the wiring does not cause shorts or corrodes easily.

Working with a professional who has been installing path lighting in the area for years is your best bet for having a professional looking lighting system when the job is completed.

Wood Floor Restoration Techniques

wood floor restoRestoring a floor is a big job but having beautiful wood floor is worth the work.

To Restore a Floor: the Basic Process

To prepare, you need to clear the room of furniture and other items. Clean the floor thoroughly and make sure nails are not sticking up in the floor or the edges because they could tear the sandpaper. Seal off doorways to avoid spreading sawdust.

Sand the floor with the big sander, working row by row, with rough sand paper. To avoid grooves, keep moving! Use the edger near the walls. Remove varnish the corners with hand scraper and loose sheets of sandpaper. You will do this process three times to remove the old finish, first with rough sandpaper, then medium, and then fine.

Clean sawdust off floor thoroughly with a vacuum and go ASAP to next step while it is clean.

You will make sure the room is well ventilated during this process and use a mask or ventilator and gloves. If your floor is deeply scratched, you might want to opt to skip staining the floor and go with a natural look. If you have chosen to stain, you will use and brush to coat the floor. After it dries, you will buff it and apply 3 successive coats of your sealant with the cleaned brush. You need to sand lightly with fine sandpaper by hand after each of the first two coats has dried. Polyurethane is oil based but makes a harder, more durable finish. Urethane is water based, does not yellow, and has a more natural appearance. Clean up with mineral spirits if you used polyurethane, otherwise with soap and water.

Tools and Materials
• Drum or Belt Sander

• Abrasives: (Drum sandpaper: rough 36 grit, medium 50-60 grit, and fine 80-100 grit) and (Edger sandpaper disks :rough 36 grit, medium 50-60 grit, and fine 80-100) and loose sandpaper for edges
• Edger
• Floor Buffer
• Vacuum
• Multi-fiber Tack Mop
• 4” Bristle Brush (Avoid all-purpose brushes)
• Masking Tape
• The Finish: Polyurethane or Urethane—available in matt, semi-gloss or high gloss
• Mineral Spirits: if using polyurethane
• Plastic cover
• Low Tack Tape
• Hand-scraper and File
• Dust Mask
• Wood Putty
• Ear Plugs
• Extension Cords
• Claw Hammer
• Face mask, respirator


Wood Floors need to be swept and cleaned very often to prevent ground-in dirt from ruining the finish. Using the wrong techniques and products can ruin the finish on your floor. De Leon Cleaning offers this service for busy people. Modern floors are used sealed with a sealant and can swept and mopped with a product called Murphy’s Oil Soap®. Unsealed or varnished floors can be mopped with oil soap too, but then need to be waxed and buffed.

What Is an Outdoor Living Area

outdoorWarmer weather during the seasons of spring, summer, and fall invite people to spend more time outside. Some places people can be outdoors comfortably all year round. An outdoor living area is a space designated for outdoor living. Decks, porches, screened in porches, and patios no matter how large or how small are all examples of outdoor living spaces.

An outdoor living space can be as simple as an open slab of cement patio with a couple of deck chairs for people to sit in and watch the world go by or if you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors on your property, it may be to your benefit to create a space that is comfortable and more pleasing to your eye.

Creating an outdoor living space is a personal endeavor. There are decisions to be made such as whether you want a deck, a porch, a screened in porch, or something built up around your pool or spa. Next, you may want to think about plants bordering your outdoor living area and whether or not you want potted plants hanging throughout, flowers in pots, or maybe no plants at all. Then, think about the type of living you plan to be doing outdoors. Will it just be you, your family, or will you be entertaining many people regularly. The answer to this question will give you an idea of what type and what quantity of furniture to place in your outdoor space. The most important thing to think about is how YOU want your outdoor space to look. Do you prefer ornate rooms or does a more simple look suit you? Take a look at the inside of your home and what you like and carry those ideas outdoors.

Fire pits or bbqs can also be fun to include in an outdoor living area. Fire is a natural gathering spot for people and kids like nothing more than roasting marshmallows over a fire. How and who you entertain may well answer what type of fire element you want or do not want to add.

Archadeck is a company who understands upscale outdoor living. Browse through their photo gallery and you will see many ideas for your own outdoor environment. Images from simple decks to ornate screened porches are all there. It can be very helpful to look through ideas online and visit friends’ outdoor living areas. Forming opinions of your own regarding the style and function of your space is the important first step in creating your own personal outdoor oasis.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

metal roofThe purpose of a roof on your house or building is designed to cover, protect, and shield your structures from the elements of the weather. However, some roofs are found to be more beneficial than others are. One of these options is a metal roof. This type of roofing is a common site in business settings, but is now becoming more widely used in residential applications as people are becoming more aware of the benefits of metal roofing.

Metal roofing has been in use for centuries starting out as far back as the Romans in 27 B.C. The copper roof that was installed on the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Heldesheim, which was installed in 1280 A.D., still protects the building today. Another type of metal roofing introduced in the earlier building uses was galvanized steel, which is also in use today. This sturdy and durable material has many advantages over the traditional shingled roofs.

Metal roofing on a structure has many benefits over traditional roofing methods. The most obvious of these is the durability. The metal itself draws heat from the sun, even in the cold months, and allows for melting due to the heat conductivity of the metal. These roofs are also more durable in windstorms, being that the seams are interlocked and at less risk of being uplifted and blown away. Another benefit of the metal roofing materials is the multiple applications. Many business and homeowners are using metal sheeting to side their buildings and homes. This also offers great weather protection to the structure. The roofing materials that one uses for these applications are as varied as the types of material that one can use.

Metal roofing is not limited to copper and stainless steel. Other types of metal that roofers use for these types of applications include a blend of zinc, aluminum, and a silicon-coated steel. Combining the attributes of metal with the versatility of acrylic gel coatings, this variation can be painted whatever color is desired, and is called stone-coated steel. Often churches and porches of homes use lead sheeting to cover their roofs. Many people choose to use tin for their needs, but the most widely used and least expensive forms of metal roofing is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the longest lasting of the metal roof applications with the best weather resistance.

Installing metal roofing on a building or home will save the owner in a number of ways. Metal roofing will outlast the traditional shingle roofing, offering savings in energy, repairs, and maintenance. The use of these metal panels to cover your roof or side of your structure is the answer to today’s ever-changing weather and rising energy costs. If you need roofing jobs in Florida check out clarkroofingonline.com.

Don’t Get Kicked Out of Your Home

Anyone in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas who has been evicted knows that it can be a nightmare. From the financial concerns to the uncertainty and fear, being forced to leave one’s place of residence seems like an insurmountable obstacle. Even worse is that finding a legal and financial advocate during the process can present new and unforeseen challenges. All this is compounded by the fact that many homeowners and property renters do not know their rights when it comes to eviction proceedings. Each year numerous people are needlessly locked out of their homes by the LA Sheriff’s Office.

Don't Get Kicked Out of Your HomeNow for the good news: There is valid recourse for every evictee that enlists the services offered by True Sources Financial, an LA-based eviction advocacy group. With the correct information and guidance and a strategic filing of court documents by an experienced professional, the eviction process can be stopped. Everyone who has been evicted knows that lack of time is the driving force behind the stress and anxiety of the whole ordeal, but with great legal support it is often possible for those being evicted to extend time in their residences by up to four months.

There have been innumerable people battling eviction who have successfully exercised their rights by visiting stopevictionlosangeles.com, the online hub of True Sources Financial, a BCA member with a AAA rating and years of experience navigating the complexities of eviction-related court filings for their clients. This group of compassionate evictee advocates is licensed with courts in every Southern California county, and they have advised and assisted many in securing the time extensions they need so they can avoid the dreadful Sheriff’s lockout.

True Sources Financial often operates by executing some of the more nuanced rights of their clients. For example, if a client is threatened or intimidated by their landlord, the eviction can be stopped with the necessary paperwork. One of the major concerns of any person being evicted is finding a new place to live before they are forced to leave their home or rental property, and those that are threatened or bullied by their landlords often rush the decision and end up somewhere that is far from ideal. Using their expertise in legal eviction proceedings, True Sources Financial helps people in this situation by winning them more time to find a suitable living arrangement.

Another example relates to the controversial reasons behind certain evictions that can be sufficient to force evicting landlords to re-file with the court. One of True Sources Financial’s clients reports that with the help of John Torres, a leading member of their team, she was able to stay in her home with her family for the holidays. Her landlord, who filed eviction papers because of a dispute over repairs, was legally required to restart the process. Visit stopevictionlosangeles.com and you can read her testimony.

True Sources Financial offers risk-free consultation, same-day service, and several affordable pricing plans based on how much more time the client needs in their home.

What Can a Cleaning Company Do

The carpeting in your home can be the second biggest expense next to the cost of your home. When you do not treat your carpeting the right way you can age the fibers faster than need be, and often times wind up replacing worn out carpeting years before you really had to. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company like Sweeney Cleaning Company will ensure that the carpet lasts for many years and looks as good as it did the day you purchased it.

Seek Out Garage Door Repair in a Timely FashionDebris is brought into the home by way of the bottom of your shoes. When small dirt and soil particles find their way to the bottom of the carpet fibers they attach themselves and often a home vacuum can not reach and remove them properly. As more foot traffic walks over the carpeting the carpet fibers get worn away a little at a time because the contaminants act like small pieces of sandpaper wearing away the strength of the fibers. This is evident when you see areas of the carpet that look much more worn than other areas. The fibers are being worn away by particles that need to be removed.

Sweeney Cleaning Company will begin cleaning your carpets by applying a safe cleaning compound designed to loosen all contaminants for the carpet fibers. These compounds will not damage or discolor your carpeting and will leave it smelling fresh when the job has been completed. Once the carpet has been treated the scrubbing begins. The contaminants like bacteria and mold that breed at the bottom of the carpet are no match for the scrubbing machine and easily come loose from the fibers. Mold can easily grow in carpeting because it is a warm and dark area that is perfect for bacteria to thrive. These contaminants can be harmful to family members with sensitive skin and allergies. The scrubbing machine will loosen all the particles from the carpet safely and quickly.

Once the carpet has been scrubbed it is time to begin vacuuming. The vacuums that a professional cleaning company use are much different from your home vacuum. Store bought vacuums do not have enough power to pull up all the contaminants from the bottom of the carpet where they attach themselves. An industrial strength vacuum will get the job done right the first time. All the debris and the contaminants trapped deep down in the carpeting will easily be removing during the vacuuming process. One other issue many homeowners have is when using a store bought carpet cleaner your vacuum often leaves many of that solution in the carpet where it breeds more bacteria and causes more wear of the carpet fibers.

Having a professional carpet cleaning company use their industrial equipment to treat the flooring will ensure all the contaminants are removed and that the carpet will be virtually dry to the touch when they leave. This means you can begin walking on your new fresh clean carpet immediately. This will make certain your carpet will look great and last for many more years.

Seek Out Garage Door Repair in a Timely Fashion

Seek Out Garage Door Repair in a Timely FashionOne of the worst feelings as a home owner is coming home, pressing the garage door opener, and then finding out that the door is broken. This is just one way that you may find out your garage door is broken, other scenarios might include actually being stuck inside of the garage or someone accidentally hitting the garage. A dent in the door can be just as traumatic as a broken hinge or door that will not operate correctly. In the end, realizing the garage door needs maintenance can be tough since most people do not have the skills to tackle the repair on their own.

The thing about garage door maintenance is that not only is it not a common skill, but it can be dangerous to try to do on your own. The average garage door is not light, and if you are not careful it can come crashing down. Depending on where you are standing at the moment this happens it can be a very dangerous problem. Of course, a door that crashes down or falls of the hinge will also end up being a much more costly repair so from the pure financial vantage point this is not a situation that you want to find yourself in.

For this reason if you notice that your garage door is acting odd such as taking a few times to go up or going up and back down in the same session you would be much better off calling a professional to come take a look at the garage door. By calling them quickly oftentimes they can troubleshoot the problem before it becomes a larger problem saving you a lot of money. Even if something has already happened such as the door falling off the track, calling out a garage door repair company like Service Max as soon as possible will still help you save money.

Many people will continue to use a door that is off the track slightly or making noises and eventually this leads to the door falling in. Many people will also continue to use a door that has been dented or ran into by a vehicle. Over time this door will weaken however as will the track from supporting uneven weight and the door will crash down. At this point not only will you have a more costly door repair bill, but possibly even more financial concerns since the door might damage something valuable when it falls. For this reason if you have any reason to question whether your garage door is properly installed or not you should immediately call up a garage door repair man for a free consultation and estimate. It could end up saving you hundreds.

Avoiding Leaks in Your Home

Modern homes today consist of multiple systems, integrated pieces that the average homeowner probably doesn’t think about too much. There is the electrical system, your heating system, and of course the plumbing system that delivers fresh water to various locations within your home. One of the bigger and more important systems, however, is one that is often overlooked until it is too late: the roofing system!
Avoiding Leaks in Your HomeYour roof and gutter system, which includes not just the shingles on top of your house but also the underlying plywood, is critical to protecting your entire home! Think about it. The other parts of your home, the outer walls or foundation for example, are designed to last for hundreds of years. Your roof, however, is a component that may be replaced several times over the life of the house. Paying particular attention to this system and keeping up with repairs is critical to the rest of house!
One of the biggest indicators of a potential problem with your roof and its’ lifespan is the presence of a leak. Often times, leaks can be present without your knowledge! Unfortunately, usually by the time a leak is spotted the damage has already been done. Heavy rains, like the ones that occur in Miami, can do untold damage to a compromised roof. One of the best ways to combat this problem is a periodic inspection of your roof and any openings, such as for vent pipes. Spotting potential problems before they become big problems can potentially save the savvy homeowner thousands of dollars!
Your inspection should begin on the roof. If you cannot access your roof or are not comfortable doing this yourself, have a licensed roofer do an inspection for you. The major portion of this exam is the condition of your roofing shingles. Are there any missing? Are they beginning to curl up? Curling indicates that they have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced. The presence of shingle material such as loose stones in your gutter also indicates that your shingling material is obsolete.
Just as important as inspecting the roof is an inspection of the underlying plywood from inside the house. Most homes have a crawlspace that will allow for at least limited access to your underlying plywood sheeting. Are there indicators of water damage such as damp wood or water stains? This indicates that water has begun to find its’ way under your shingles and is going to create problems!
It is best to have the necessary repairs done as soon as a problem is discovered. Often, a small leak can be fixed at a minimal cost and will buy you additional time. Don’t wait until major water damage has occurred and an entire roof replacement is required. A little preventative maintenance will take you a long way!

Choosing the Best Wood Floor when Redecorating

The change of seasons brings a welcoming spirit of different colors, weather, and love of nature. Sometimes, a home needs this type of uplifting drama, in order to keep content in a space. Living in an area that experiences the four seasons, can often lead to a rush of wanting to redecorate, to correspond with the changing weather. Take the time to look at your options to make your house feel like a home, all year round.

Choosing the Best Wood Floor when RedecoratingConfidence in Flooring

Not so long ago, plush carpeting was all the rage. But there is a new floor in town that makes cleaning easier, keeps allergies in check, and wears beautifully, regardless of your lifestyle. Hardwood flooring in areas like Chicago or Boston, can weather the transition of hot to cold, and sand to snow, with ease. The biggest problem that wood floors present, is the huge selection and options that are available.

The Character of Wood

Trying to clone nature is a feat that man has always dreamed of conquering. But bringing the same spectacular look and feel of natural harmony indoors, has always fell short. However, today’s technology has taken real wood, and made it very durable and life-like for interior living. There are several types of wood that can create an aesthetic look that represents your personal style. Exotic woods are perfect for illuminating a room with unusual markings and swirls. However, favorites like walnut, cherry and birch, create a cozy atmosphere.

Today’s Wood Flooring

Solid wood floors are the ultimate in natural appearance. They can be sanded down and refinished multiple times for lasting wear. Engineered flooring takes the best quality of genuine wood and fabricates it into lovely planks that holds the same flawless grain finish, in the top layer, as seen in solid wood floors. Factory finished wood flooring is a favorite among homeowners that have an active family. A protective sealer is placed on every piece, taking away the time and trouble of waxing.

Hardwood flooring is not just for use in areas that have inclement weather, like Chicago, but can be a great way of keeping your home updated for years to come. Decide on the type of wood flooring that best suits your needs, then wander among the selections available. Most shoppers recognize their favorite wood, depending upon their style and personality. Whether your tone for redecorating is a light birch for a home near the water, a solid maple for a child’s room, or a rustic mahogany for a majestic and serene mountain area, there is nothing like the presence of natural wood to bring a wondrous feeling of home to your space.

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