Cool Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard

I often dream about what I would someday want in a dream backyard. A guilty pleasure of mine is watching HGTV and seeing the shows that completely makeover someone’s yard. Let’s face it, we focus so much on the house typically, however, the yard is also an important piece of home ownership. Let’s look at things you can do if you have a small backyard. One option you have to make your small yard seem larger is to design to scale. Mix different materials such as wood and slate, and add some plants, to create different deck levels in the space making it interesting. Another fun idea is to paint your fence in different color warm tones.

Cool Ways to Spruce up Your BackyardGet some furniture for the space, and tie in the tones in your fence to tones in the pillows of your furniture. In order to protect your furniture, and give you some much needed shade, perhaps try checking out awnings if you live in or around the Columbus area. If you want a garden space, consider picking out miniature plants or well-behaved conifers that won’t overwhelm the space by any means.

Perhaps look at getting different types of plants to go well together. Depending on where you live will determine the different types of plans available to you. If you have a larger space to work with you may consider adding a pool, water feature, or a nice designer outdoor kitchen and living space. Just so you don’t get overwhelmed at the endless possibilities for designing a dream backyard, I want to mention a few easy ideas for sprucing up your yard. Plants are a great way to add variety and beauty to a yard so look into getting some.

When choosing plants, make sure you take the time to make sure the ones you get integrate well with one another and are complimentary to each other. Look for different textures in plants as well to add a nice touch and some uniqueness to your design. I am someone who loves pots. Perhaps consider finding some nice looking pots in different sizes to hold some of your plants throughout your yard or simply on your patio. The best tip in mind is to keep things simple. If you have a really ornate plant, consider putting it in a more subdued pot, or vice versa if you have a gaudy pot. Follow any of these cool ways to spruce up your backyard and give yourself a reason to smile and get outside!


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