Different Kitchen Designs to Consider

image9Any kitchen needs to serve multiple purposes. A kitchen should be a place where it is possible to prepare a single meal and a banquet for twelve in the same week. A kitchen should also be a place where the owner of the house can easily interact with guests and allow other members of the family to work with her. Many kinds of kitchen designs exist on the market today. The kind of kitchen design that is just right for any homeowner will depend on many factors including their budget, the number of people in the house and the amount time they spend in meal preparation each week.

The L Shaped Kitchen

In the present day, any kitchen designer San Francisco can tell clients there are many kinds of kitchen design to consider for their needs. One of the most useful is the L shaped kitchen. This design is based on the shape of the letter L with one long arm where most of the work takes place and a shorter arm for added storage and additional appliances. The L shape allows for economy of movement and makes it possible to use all space in the kitchen while still allowing occupants to pass through easily from one part of the house to the next. An L shaped kitchen is ideal for the person with a slightly larger than average kitchen.

The Galley Kitchen

Another type of kitchen design in the galley kitchen. This type of kitchen design consists of two facing walls. Each wall will typically have appliances and cabinets as well as any additional needs such as pots and pans. This kind of kitchen design is perfect for the person who wants to make the most of a compact kitchen space. The design allows for the user to reach multiple elements in the kitchen with a minimum of motion. Everything the person needs is within easy reach, making meal preparation simple and less stressful.

The Island Kitchen

An island kitchen is not a kitchen on an island. An island kitchen is a kitchen with an island space in the middle of it. The island kitchen is usually ideal in a large kitchen with lot of space. Many people use the island to store extra items they need and want such as bottles of wine. Smaller islands make additional space for meal prep, allowing for multiple people to be in the kitchen at the same time. A large kitchen island can serve as additional seating space where people can watch as meal prep and then enjoy a meal.

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