How to Utilize a Storage Space

storage space 2Considering storing items with Fishers Self Storage? Perhaps you are moving and need to store your items before your new home is ready. Possibly you just want to remove some of the clutter which has built up over the years. Whatever the reason, there are some basic tips and suggestions one should know before choosing to use a self storage unit. While it may not seem like that big of a choice, a little bit of thought and research should be put in before making a decision.

You can put just about anything into storage, as long as it is neither perishable or hazardous. Items which fall under this category are foods, plants or gasoline. What you could store in these units are items such as computers, mattresses, clothes, home decorations, silverware and other miscellaneous items you find building up around the house.

Once you understand what you can store, you need to figure out roughly how many items you are wanting to put into storage. Before you can expect a quote for how much your storage space will cost, you will be expected to have an estimate of roughly how much space you will require for storing your items. Before moving all of your items into the unit itself, you will want to inspect for water damage, oil stains and rodents or pests of any kind. This will help make sure that your items remain in their original condition throughout the duration of storage. When you are packing your items in preparation for storage, remember to think ahead and be smart. Place heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes, and lighter items, such as pillows or clothing, in larger ones.

Placing items in the storage unit can be daunting at first. How can you fit everything you want to store into such a small space? Bring the larger items in first such as dressers, mattresses or couches, which actually can be stood on end with the cushions placed on top. Use the height of the space to your advantage in order to maximize the area used. After having placed all of the large items inside, you now are ready to bring in the smaller items and place them in the remaining spots. Remember to organize your space based on how often you want to have access to the items. When placing boxes in the unit, place the heavier boxes on bottom, and the lighter ones on top, having made sure to label each one. If you are storing a vehicle, remember that you can place things inside the vehicle to also save money.

Following these simple tips will make storage at Fishers Self Storage a simple easy process.

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