Must Haves For Any Lawn Mower

lawn_mowerWith ExMark equipment you can mow any size of lawn without trouble. The right tools make all of the difference. Try making a cake without flour or sugar cookies without a rolling pin and see where that gets you. Or try painting with brushes that have not been properly cleaned. For any such project, you need the right tools and you need to maintain them so that they keep their usefulness.

Good Parts

The first thing that you need to mow a lawn is the proper kind of mower. The larger the lawn, or the more that you mow, the more likely you will need a riding machine. Of course, this really is not necessary for most suburban households. The cost only makes sense with great size or an incline. A simple one without power is fine for small patches of grass. And something in between does well with a self-propelling machine.

Other Tools For The Yard

You will need other tools to take care of the yard, too, as the grass is not all to take care of. Even if it is, mowing usually does not rip out noxious weeds. So invest in a pair or two of comfortable gardening gloves, as well as leather gloves if they are any spiky bushes in the area to deal with. This can help a ton with blackberry or rose bushes and even sharp weeds. And purchase small hand tools to ease weeding, like a hand rake and weeding trowel or hand hoe. The right tools make all of the difference. Think about a weed whacker for larger areas, as well as an edger for the sidewalk. Clippers are great for bushes until they get too big. At that point, something electric may do the trick better.

Proper Maintenance

The number one thing to do after buying great tools is to maintain them. Store them in a dry place, such as the garage or tool shed. This keeps away rust and other problems that come with the elements. You wouldn’t want to use moldy gloves that have been sitting all winter in the rain, after all.

Each Spring, give your mower a make over. Clean it completely. A good wipe down helps to maintain any item. Then replace the oil and clean out its filter. Do the same with the air filter. Take a look at the spark plugs to see if they need replacing. The more you use this, the more likely new parts are needed. Lubricate all that can be safely greased, such as the controls. And sharpen the blades.

Make sure to take safety precautions so that you do not hurt yourself. Change the battery and fill her up or plug her when needed. These are have haves and must dos for any lawn mower out there.

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