Plumbing Help – Top Signs You Have Sewer Problems

SewerDig1A mere thought of sewer line problems make most of us cringe. Sewer line issues can turn quite costly if you fail to catch any issue early on. If your home is served by a city sewer, then the maintenance of the line running the length of the street is the responsibility of the municipality. However, you are responsible for the maintenance of the line that runs from your house to the street.

Causes of common sewer line problems

The most obvious and common sewer line problem is the build up of gunk over time due to the repeat flow down from the drains in the house. The second most common sewer line problem may occur due to the tree roots that may either clog or cause cracks in them. Mostly, older sewer pipes were made using steel or clay and are susceptible to rusting or cracking over time.

Since most of these problems cannot be easily seen, we are providing few signs that may indicate you have some sewer line problem:

* Toilet bowl water level- Due to the clogs in your sewer line, there may be some inconsistency in the water level of your toilet bowl. If you find water level in your toilet is high, low, or varies day-to-day, you should immediately call a licensed plumber to evaluate your sewer line.

* Presence of odd scents or sounds-If you start hearing different sounds, such as gurgling or hissing, when water is draining from the toilets, other drains, or sinks in your house, it’s time to get your lines checked by a plumber. Similarly, if you notice strange smell coming from your yard, or drains, you should immediately hire a plumber for a sewer inspection.

* Showers, tubs and sinks are slow to drain- While you may buy a drain cleaner to resolve the issue of slow drains, but this may only solve the problem temporarily. In fact, harsh chemicals in drain cleaners may damage pipe materials in older homes leading to costly repairs in the long run. Most of these solutions are highly caustic and also pollute the local watersheds.

Finding the best plumber using Wyoming  Sewer Repair

Sometimes, it is possible to resolve the sewer problem with the help of a patch if rest of your sewer line is still in good shape. However, if your lines are quite old, it is better to replace them at once. Top plumbing companies use video inspection equipment to detect sewer line problems by running a camera into your sewer to get accurate picture of all issues and recommend the best possible repair.

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