Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Looking Good With Concrete Cleaning And Sealing

patterned_concGood homeowners know that home maintenance means both inside and outside of the home. While taking care of the lawn and vertical surfaces such as the exterior walls of the house might be no brainers and on every homeowner’s to do list, sometime the horizontal surfaces like concrete walkways and driveways can get overlooked. A good concrete cleaning and sealing can go a long way to improving the curb appeal of a home as well as extending the life of these surfaces. The key word here is ‘good’ and good extends far beyond a standard pressure washing and applying sealer from a can for the home improvement store. A good concrete treatment needs a professional.

A good concrete cleaning is one that done by a professional with products that are environmentally friendly. Using environmentally friendly products is not only better for the environment, but also kinder to the grass, trees, and shrubbery that border the concrete being treated. A good concrete treatment will protect the concrete surface from damage due to traffic by cars or foot and chemicals the concrete can be exposed to such as oil or antifreeze from cars.

Cleaning and sealing the concrete around a home sounds like a straightforward two-step process, but in the wrong hands, this straightforward process can do more harm than good. A pressure washer in trained hands will leave the concrete clean and ready for the next step of the process. In the wrong hands, the concrete can end up damaged and in worse shape than before. Incorrectly handled a pressure washer can cause pockmarks and cracks, which leaves space for dirt and water to collect and eventually weaken the concrete.

The best method is a three-step method performed by a trained technician using a modified pressure process. This method will provide the best cleaning and sealing of the concrete, leaving it looking better and lasting longer than before. As mentioned above, it’s important that this method is eco-friendly and applied precisely to protect surrounding landscaping. This precision also insures that no new cracks or fissures are introduced, leaving places for weeds to grow, increasing the problem.

Therefore, when making a household maintenance to do list don’t forget to add concrete cleaning and sealing to the list. This needs to be done every two to three years, depending on the area and how much traffic it receives. Attending to the concrete around a home is one of the best things that can be done for the appearance of the exterior of a house since dirty or stained concrete walkways and driveways drag down the entire appearance the exterior of the house, no matter how maintained the house itself is.

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