Why I Switched From Cable To Satellite

fiw92I have always been a fan of cable television. It provides great entertainment after a long day at work. I also loved the fact that it could plug into every room without a converter box. I recently went to visit a friend who had Directv Washington. I was surprised by the crystal clear picture reception she received. My cable only has a few channels that are in HD quality. So, I was forced to select between 25-30 good quality channels, but all of her channels were in HD. So why am I paying so much more than her?

It’s true; cable is not what it used to be. In fact, one could say that cable has gotten worse. The prices keep going up, but my service is not improving. When I was 18, I paid $9.99 for my basic cable package. I am 40 years old, and now I am paying $149 a month. That includes my internet, phone and cable all in one. Now, mind you I didn’t want to bundle everything. Do people even use home telephone services anymore? I kept telling the operator over and over that I didn’t want a phone, yet to get this great deal I had to have one. So this leads me to tell you why I finally made the switch.

I got a great deal to hook up Direct TV in my home. I got the ability to watch different programming in every room of my house. I had more channels than I knew what to do with. And all those rumors about not having local channels, well they are just rumors. I have tons of local channels, and I don’t miss my favorite network television shows ever! The great thing about satellite dishes is that they have gotten drastically smaller over the years. Even most apartment buildings and rentals will allow you to install one because they don’t have to be attached to the home anymore. You can also get high-speed Internet with a bundle package from this company. Who doesn’t have the internet these days?

When I made the switch, I was shocked to find that both my internet and TV service was stellar. I didn’t notice any problems with my internet at all. In fact, I am sure it was much faster at downloading. It doesn’t really matter what your budget is either. My basic package was around fifty dollars a month. I got all sorts of freebies added on just to try the service. All the network channels that you and I love are included in the basic packages. You can watch HGTV,

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