How To Build A Log Cabin

logcabinAs more of the population seeks private property in which to build their dream home, log cabins are becoming more popular than ever. The rustic and charming qualities add comfort and functionality to primary and vacation homes. Log cabins floor plans range greatly from the very simple one-room hunting cabin to the most elaborately decorated cathedral ceilings and multiple bedroom units. Despite the many recent survival reality shows that appear to make everything super easy in the wild, building a true log cabin is actually quite an involved process.

Practically any outdoor enthusiast could throw together a makeshift shelter for an evening in the wilderness. A dirt foundation and some crude tools can fashion a one room cabin that will serve as a camp and shelter from the elements and local wildlife. Fallen logs that have not begun to rot can be lined up and arranged in a crisscross manner, stacking up logs to the desired height. If available, thick plastic or canvas can be used as an insulation from wind and predators. When no such man made coverings are available, natural mosses can be gathered and stuffed in the spaces between the logs. The roofing for a temporary structure is generally optional, especially when campers or hunters are protected by a thick forest canopy. During Spring, Summer and early Fall seasons, small branches that are still covered with leaves make useful shelter coverings. The thatched style of roofing serves two purposes for the shelter as things start to come together in the shanty cabin. A roof keeps out rain, snow and other natural elements while providing additional insulation. Duct tape is pretty much a requirement for any true sportsman or outdoor enthusiast and can be used to reinforce the corners of the homemade log cabin.

For those who are less ambitious about living independently outdoors, there are several professional builders who have several predetermined log cabins floor plans available to choose from. Some patterns are based off the modest homes that early settlers and ranchers built to withstand the harsh climates and protect their families from predators. Other log cabin floor plans are quite ornate and resemble fancy ski resorts, complete with fireplaces in every room and hardwood floors made from local timber. Most modern log cabins feature grand entrances and extra large windows that allow owners and their guests enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them. Builders who specialize in these structures usually offer several different ways for buyers to customize their log cabins and design their own dream home.

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