Don’t Let Ticks and Mosquitos Take Over Your Property, Call Mosquito Squad

Family-PetMany people who have Lyme disease, were bitten by a tick, and this led to them contracting the disease. Those who have been bitten by ticks, whether they contracted a disease or not, know how problematic a tick bite can be. Ticks have the ability to burrow underneath the skin, and suck your blood, as long as they are planted there. If you try to pull the tick off with your finger, you may end up leaving the head detached under the skin, which can cause another array of problems. You may possibly contract an infection, and the tick that’s left under the skin, can be very painful.

If you’re ever bitten by a tick, you need to learn ways to pull them off of you, without putting yourself at extra risk for more problems, or possibly getting a disease. Better yet, it’s best to prevent tick bites altogether, by protecting your home and property from ticks. Ticks can be on any property, especially if it has a heavily wooded area, or a lot of brush or plants. Ticks tend to be on plants, and you can easily walk past a plant, and they’ll attach to you, and then they’ll bite you.

Ticks can also end up on clothes, and then they’ll eventually bite you. If you have a problem with ticks on your property, then you need to get some tick control. Those who are looking for tick control, can call Mosquito Squad. Not only does Mosquito Squad deal with problematic ticks, but they can also get rid of mosquitoes for good too. When many people think of mosquito control, they imagine spraying mosquitoes or ticks with a spray that will kill them instantly. You can get rid of mosquitoes and ticks instantly, but Mosquito Squad can help to keep them away for good.

If you’re having a party, maybe you want to protect your party guests from ticks and mosquitoes. If your party is going to be outside, you can have Mosquito Squad spray your property, in order to help keep away mosquitoes for the day. There are natural solutions that Mosquito Squad uses as well, in order to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks, but it’s also harmless to the environment.

If you’re ready to keep ticks and mosquitoes off your property for good, then the misting system that Mosquito Squad has available, is the best solution for you. Having the misting system installed on your property, can help to keep mosquitoes and ticks away for good. The misting system will spray a protective barrier of mosquito and tick killing solution, throughout the day, protecting you from the bloodsuckers. Make a call to Mosquito Squad today, in order to rid your property of mosquitoes and ticks.

Long-Lasting Mosquito Prevention for Home and Business

mosquito preventionMosquitoes are a hassle for anyone and not everyone can afford the most expensive and top-of-the-line name brand prevention’s. Additionally, most people don’t have the time to spray their home or business every month. There are several ways to easily and quickly implement mosquito prevention around a home or business that can be cost effective and last for months.

Evaluate Your Needs:
Are you someone who can’t spare extra time or money to keep mosquitoes away? Are you in a geographic area that breeds mosquitoes easily, such as in swampland or humid areas? It is reasonable for you to use the cheaper and easier methods of mosquito deterrent alone, or does your situation require some extra planning and measures? If you want to implement mosquito prevention, consider some of the following methods as a solution or a starting point:

Keep Certain Plants Around:
Consider planting Citronella (Pelargonium Graveolens Citrosa) in a few flower pots and place them around areas that experience the most foot traffic. This plant is tolerant to hot weather and does not require much maintenance; however, make sure that you move it indoors during any cold weather. Along with the mosquito repelling characteristic of the Citronella plant, it smells very pleasant. A great addition to the Citronella plants would be to plant garlic around the outer areas of your yard or business. Garlic is not as effective as Citronella, but it will add an extra layer of mosquito deterrent. Another great plant that does not require much maintenance is lemon grass. Lemon grass is similar to Citronella because it does not require much maintenance and smells great while deterring mosquitoes.

Revise Your Lighting:
Consider using yellow lighting if you can stand the color yellow. Yellow lights are invisible to mosquitoes and therefore will not attract them. There are some LED lights that can be purchased that are also invisible to mosquitoes. Not all LED lights are effective for keeping mosquitoes away, so be sure to check the specifications before buying. LED lights are a great solution though since they last for a long time and use very little energy.

Quick Solutions:
If you are going to have guests or suddenly need a solution for mosquitoes, try using a box fan. By creating a stream of air, mosquitoes are less likely to come near you and will often fly away to a calmer area. You may also try to start a small fire in a fire pit, or light candles that have mosquito repellent in them.

Ridding your home or business of mosquitoes doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. Used correctly, these simple solutions can provide lasting results and create a permanent mosquito barrier around your home or business.

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