5 Top Trends in Residential Refurbishment

32Residential refurbishment is more than just painting a new color on your walls. It’s like getting a new haircut plus a complete makeover, especially when done professionally. The most common mistake people make when deciding to undertake a refurbishment project is doing it without professionals. The results are not only less remarkable with DIY refurbishment projects, they end up costing more in terms of time, money and efforts. Take note of these top 5 trends in residential refurbishment and see your home become the place of your dreams –

1. Upcycling That Junk – The best trend in refurbishment is upcycling where anything old and broken can become beautiful and interesting with a professional hand and some creative vision. Things like utensils and empty wine bottles can add a rustic touch to your living room. They can be transformed into anything – from coat hooks to lampshades – if only you choose the right person to do the job.

2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Mirrors are everywhere because they make the room look bigger and grander. However, knowing how many to use is a trick best left to professionals. Mirror tiles are particularly trending right now.

3. Shade and Light – The play between light and shade is best achieved by creative lighting which gives a different aura to the room. Interesting dimmer switches and freestanding lamps are currently trending because they light your rooms – especially living rooms and halls – in such a unique way that you would be surprised. Palm trees on a tropical island or the New York skyline, anything is possible with creative lighting.

4. Greenery Galore – Plants not only make indoor areas look vibrant and alive, they are also healthy as they cleanse the atmosphere inside your house. You don’t even have to stick with traditional options either. There is a lot of variety with indoor plants these days. Why not try a wall mounted herb garden for your kitchen? Lovely fragrances plus utility – that is the basic motto of a refurbishment project.

5. Bye Bye Blank Walls, Hello Murals – The minimalistic décor was pretty trendy for a while but now is the time for murals. You don’t need to do a lot to transform those bland white walls into something more. Just choose some transfers or murals from the immense variety of designs, patterns and colors. The cost is low and application quick. They are easily removable as well, so tinker as much as you want.

When you choose a professional, choose someone who has experience and promises quality. Taking a personalized approach to every project and customizing designs as per your requirements is as important as reliability and professionalism in a contractor, someone who can balance your requirements, house size and trends with absolute ease.

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