Easy VA home loan

ff-3Getting approved for a VA home loan has never been easier. Flagship Financial has a fast and easy way to apply that is just as simple as a phone call. They offer several different services to help save you money on your home as well as 90% of those who apply can open a new VA loan with little or no money down and 100% financing. This company also has varied guidelines that allows less stringent income guidelines and also allows lower credit scores to be accepted for loans.

Finding out if you qualify is pretty simple too you simply complete a Request for a Certificate of Eligibility. If you still require help the company also offers phone assistance to you free of charge and no obligation. The company programs are designed and set up to help save you thousands on your home loan buy providing you with a lower interest rate than other like companies. When applying you will be responsible for providing only a few documents to determine immediate eligibility. Documents such as housing history, income, work history and personal information is required. Requiring less documents and being one of the easiest mortgages to qualify for makes this company able to assist many in achieving an affordable home loan.

Interest rates are one of the biggest issues when it come to a home loan for people with less than perfect credit. With this company they can offer interest rates half to one percent lower than other conventional loan rates. By doing this it allows the customer to be able to afford more in a home. With the high percent rate of being able to offer little or no money down and 100% funding this saves the borrower out of pocket expenses for thing like closing costs as well.
Flagship Financial also does not require Private Mortgage Insurance. This can be costly to the buyer. This is not a requirement through this company and is just another way to save the buyer money and still be able to be placed into an affordable and comfortable VA home loan. This company offer assistance in all fifty states. Some guidelines apply to each individual state and would be discussed with the client at the time of applying.

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