The Importance of Creating a Will

writinga willHuman beings don’t like to talk about death. Death is not particularly exciting to most people, and certainly is not at all something to look forward to and spend countless hours of the day thinking about. Instead, we spend the day going about our daily business until some day the unthinkable happens.

However little we want to consider death, it is coming eventually, and as we all know it can sadly come at the most unexpected times. The real important question people need to consider about death is what will happen to those that surround them on the day that they die, and how their belongings will be distributed to those people in a fair and equitable manner.

To this effect, pretty much everyone knows about the benefits of having a will. However, the vast majority of people ignore the creation of a will until far too late in their lives. They procrastinate endlessly like a college student would, only to never get it done at all, leaving their descendants to fight over their inheritance endlessly in court.

Of course, while most people are at least aware of what a Last Will is, far fewer people have any idea of the existence of a living will. These wills are every bit as important if not more important than a last will. This is the will that determines the treatment that hospitals are allowed to gives their patient when it comes to life or death decisions. This is more or less the “Do Not Resuscitate” that everyone has heard so much about on medical television shows.

Without these very important documents put in place, death and the medical care directly leading up to it become an absolute circus where no one has been given the power to make any sort of decisions, and in many cases leading the parties involved to get into a drawn-out court battle that can prolong someone’s suffering or rip apart families over material possessions.

With these documents in place, though, everything comes off smoothly as long as everything has been set up properly, and for that reason its important to make sure that any sort of legal document set up before death is absolutely ironclad. Less scrupulous people will no doubt try to poke at the documents for holes so that they can get their way, but as long as the author is guided properly by a Tulsa family law attorney, and is very careful with the way that the documents are written, this sort of exploitation becomes absolutely impossible, and the family directly involved can deal with the issues at hand quickly and with an appropriate amounts of decorum.

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