Tips For Keeping Your Roof In Good Condition

roofingThe benefits of homeownership come with the responsibility of a great deal of maintenance. For many people, roof maintenance is the most challenging, and feared, home maintenance task. Happily, roofing contractors in San Rafael can help extend the life of your roof. To ensure the roof over your head remains in good condition try these five tips.

Visually inspect your roof

Your roof may be something you see every day but never truly look at. Once a month, visually inspect your roof for signs of trouble. Looks for discolored spots and dark streaks that can be signs of mold. Also look for missing shingles, debris and buckled areas.

Rely on professionals

Though essential, ground-level inspections of your roof are not enough. Climbing on top of a roof and inspecting it up close is an important part of home maintenance. However, it is out of the comfort zone and expertise of most homeowners. Roofing contractors in San Rafael will inspect your roof for missing nails, damaged shingles, mold growth and leaks. Professional inspections should be done annually to get the most life out of your roof.

Keep gutters clean

Gutters and downspouts are essential for moving water away from your roof. Over time, gutters can become clogged with leaves and other debris. This can lead to water accumulating on your roof and causing damage. Cleaning and inspecting your gutters should be done several times a year, particularly in the fall and winter when leaves are most likely to cause backups.

Remove overhanging branches

Large trees may be a beautiful part of your landscaping. However, they can also present many risks to roofs. Rain, snow and wind can all cause branches to fall onto your roof and cause damage and expensive repairs. Branches also act as highways for squirrels and other critters, which can gnaw on shingles and, potentially, enter your home. Keep tree branches neatly trimmed and away from your roof.

Look for leaks

Even with the most rigorous maintenance, roofs will occasionally develop leaks. Once you have a leak, the key is to catch it quickly to prevent further damage. Continually check your ceiling for yellow, dark or bulging spots. During heavy rainfall, take a flashlight to the attic to check for leaks. You may be able to hear a leak before you see it, so be sure to listen for water as well. As soon as you think you have a leak, call roofing contractors in San Rafael for professional advice.

With proper maintenance and inspection your roof will provide you safety and warmth for many years. However, when problems or questions arise, do not hesitate to rely on roofing professionals for knowledgeable and expert help.

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