What To Do After A Flood

floodingWhen a flood strikes, it is time to turn to the right water restoration experts. An emergency is no time to panic, but that is what naturally happens when one is not properly prepared. So get informed on the basics of flood procedures now.

Protect Yourself from the Start

  • 72-hour kits – These little packets have saved lives, which is why each county in the US should recommend them. Keep a kit in your car and one in your home for each family member. Also install one in a drawer at work, in case you are stuck there in time of a natural disaster. It is amazing how much of a relief just some food and clean drinking water can bring at such a time. Look online for a list of what to include. You will need calories, water or water cleaning tool, and a first aid kit at the very least. This way, if a flood occurs and ruins your food storage, you at least have some bagged up and safe from the elements for a while.
  • Flood and other warnings – Sign up for emails or text messages from the Water Restoration St Louis county in which you live, if it offers this service. This is a quick way to find out about an unusually high waterfront or incoming tornado. Preparation is a big key to success.
  • Keep a list on the fridge – Make a list of who to call in case of an emergency and add it to your phone contacts as well as to a memo that always stays in a place that is easy to find. For many, this is the fridge, a central location in the home. Write down the number for poison control, plumbing, and flood cleanup.

Clean It Up

  • Make sure to contact your insurance company within 24 hours of the flood to receive full coverage. Keep your information and policy in a safety deposit box somewhere so that it is ready when needed.
  • Hire a reliable Water Restoration in St Louis company to come help when a flood occurs. You have a lot to think about with kids or pets, you, and damaged goods. So now is the time to put the cleanup in someone else’s hands, and who better than a professional. Often this is covered by insurance anyway. A company will clean out the area, and dry it out.
  • With industrial dehumidifiers and other tools, they will reduce the risk of molding. This means less property damage and cost later on. They will also use anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and sanitizing treatments for your health now and in the future.

Clean up the mess right away by calling a water restoration company. This is how to reduce the negative impact of a flood.

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