Where To Turn For Foundation Help

foundation_repairedIf you are anything like me, you haven’t experienced having to fix your home’s foundation. Lucky for me, I’ve only lived in a condo for the two years I’ve been married, but since we are looking to purchase a home in the next year, the foundation of a home is definitely something an individual needs to look at. So what do you do if you find the home’s foundation needs some repair. I like simplicity when it comes to home repairs so I turned to the popular Dummies book for some answers. Keep in mind that foundations are rigid by design so they will tend to crack over time. You may notice minor cracks, and although you need to take note of them and consider doing something about them, don’t worry about minor crack all too much. However, if you notice major cracks you will definitely not want to ignore them. These more major cracks can be an indication of substantial movement which can undermine the structural integrity of your home which can be scary if not taken care of properly. You want to make sure to fill in these larger cracks and prevent them from spreading and causing more damage to your home. Keep in mind that your foundation will naturally expand in hot weather, and shrink in cold weather. So when you are patching up minor cracks in your foundation consider using a substance that will give a little to allow for this natural movement. Perhaps consider using a vinyl concrete patch. If you are a DIY individual and see a small crack you can actually repair it on your own. First, clean the area around the crack and make sure to remove any lose chips. A cold chisel can help you to accomplish this. Next, mix the dry patch powder with latex instead of just water. Latex will add elasticity and adhesion properties to the powder that will be helpful for sealing up the crack well. Keep in mind that the paste tends to dry quickly so only mix small amounts at a time to prevent wasting any. Third you will want to mist the crack with water so that moisture from the mixture isn’t absorbed making it less effective. If the mixture gets too dry it can crack and not be an effective and solid bonding agent. Use a trowel to place the mixture inside the misted crack. Fourth, use the trowel to wipe away any excess mixture outside of the crack and create a smooth finish. If you notice that the foundation isn’t smooth, try using a broom to give it a more gritty finish to match what is already existing. Lastly, clean up your tools so that the mixture doesn’t dry on them causing them to be ruined since it is a strong substance. On the other hand, if you find more severe foundational problems consider contacting a professional such as foundation repair San Antonio. They are a great resource that you can trust for fixing more intense foundational problems and concerns.

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